marageMarage Romeo Blakeney is an associate minister at Sacred Souls Community Church (SSCC). She has a special calling to reach those who have been considered as “ostracized” by society to spread the gospel of God’s love and acceptance. Marage was ordained as a reverend in 2007. Prior to her tenure at SSCC, she served as the assistant pastor and youth minister at Unity Fellowship Church Charlotte.

By day, Marage works at the American Red Cross as a Payment Card Supervisor. Under her direction, she has provided numerous employees, volunteers, and clients with financial and emotional support during national disaster relief efforts. In her spare time, she is an international published writer for Level 21 magazine. She serves as the faith and fashion contributor for the publication. Marage is an entrepreneur as a certified travel agent. She has served on several boards including, Mecklenburg County’s Domestic Violence Advisory Board chair (from 2004-2009), American Red Cross’ LGBT Steering Committee and the Carolina Actors’ Studio Theatre. Marage is a certified Six Sigma green belt.

Marage is married to her soul mate and greatest supporter, Lari. She has received her Associates and Bachelor degree in Business Management from Montreat College. Marage graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2011 from Montreat. She is a creative and fun loving person. Currently, Marage is writing a book of poetry to help others find freedom in God and themselves. Her motto for living is: “If the table moves, move with it.”